3D CAD Designer

At the present we are looking for people able to work on projects aimed at designing and developing turbomachinery components and systems. In particular we are seeking a CAD Design Engineers which will be responsible for designing products using computer-aided design software applications such as Unigraphics NX. He will handle the most complex aspects of the design process; sometimes he will also have to develop and make design improvements based on prototype testing. He will work closely with design and analyst engineers in order to implement and develop their products.


  • Graduate Mechanical Technician or Technologist, or equivalent related experience;
  • Great experience in 3D environments, particularly Unigraphics NX;
  • Results-oriented individual;
  • Capable of working independently, while effectively contributing to the overall business objectives in a team environment;
  • Able to manage multiple tasks and tight deadlines;
  • Experience in detailed mechanical design for turbomachinery field is required.


CONTACT US: cfdeng@cfdeng.com