CFD Engineering is an Italian company (based in Genoa) founded in 2004 providing engineering services in several fields, ranging from Power Generation to Cogeneration, from Oil & Gas to Energy Efficiency as well as the development of numerical design tools and dedicated software.

CFD Engineering offers high-class engineering consultancy and R&D services at the cutting-edge of the technology with a staff having diversified backgrounds and an external network of qualified partners.

CFD Engineering provides reliable technical solutions for the market of heavy-duty and mechanical-drive gas turbines. The Power Generation Division in particular, has a focused team composed of PhDs in turbomachinery disciplines and OEMs’ veterans having on average over 15 years of previous experience with gas turbine technologies.

CFD Engineering provides innovative services on concept feasibility, design and implementation  for energy conversion machinery and plants, in particular for natural gas cogenerators and wood biomass power plant.