CFD Simulation of Waste and Biomass plant

CFD Engineering provides a CFD and FEM engineering services in order to support customers during design, verification and operation on waste and biomass plant.

The main activity regards the overall waste to energy plants and on the other hand the waste to energy main components.

The consultancy activity cover main aspect of the design, verification and operational phase:

 - CFD simulation of waste and biomass plants: smoke tracking, ricirculation area, pathlines, temperature isocontour, pressure.

 - FEM simulation of waste and biomass plants.



CFD Engineering instead offers a complete turn-key plant project from the business assessment to the biomass plant commissioning.






Waste and biomass plant


Fluid dynamics simulation: pressure, temperature, velocity, pathlines, smoke tracking

Mass flow distribution over the waste and biomass plant main components

CFD and FEM analysis in different thermal load