Exhaust turbine gas flow design

Gas turbine exhaust duct analysis

CFD Engineering has a long experience in the field of combined plants thanks to important collaborations with OEMs and end-users in the context of which, over the past 10 years, has developed more than 170 projects.

CFD Engineering combines experience in the analysis and thermo-fluid dynamics simulations with field experience to provide engineering consultancy for the most ambitious projects of our customers. We perform thermo-fluid dynamics analysis for the verification of the operation condition, to improve existing projects, and to solve the operational problems.

Fluid mechanics and aerodynamics

As part of the components of Power Generation, Engineering CFD provides a service analysis and numerical simulation for gas turbine exhaust duct.

Exhaust_systemExhaust gas flow design

The main activities are:

  • Fluid dynamics analysis to identify problems in the field of motion (pulse, vortices, etc.);
  • Silencer system performance calculation;
  • Analysis of thermo-mechanical steady and transient (modal analysis, fatigue, etc.);
  • Design optimization to increase performance;
  • Sharing with the client of the proposed solutions;
  • Analysis and verification for the optimization of the internal fluid and the exhaust duct life.