Hydro power plant engineering

CFD Engineering provides Hydro power plant engineering in order to provide a hydro power design.  The activities are performed starting from the site or existing hydro turbine.

The hydro power plant engineering covers the following activities:

  • Field project verification
  • Proper hydro turbine dimensioning
  • Hydro power plant consultancy
  • Hydro power turbine design
  • Hydro turbine components project details
  • Hydro turbine manufacturing
  • Hydro turbine installation
  • Hydro power plant commissioning
  • Hydro power plant monitoring


Hydro power plant engineering


Hydro power plant engineering to support customer from the feasibility study to power plant commissioning passing throw the hydro turbine design, simulation and manufacturing.:

- CFD Simulation;

- FEM Analysis;

- Hydro turbine engineering;

- Hydro turbine drawings;

- Hydro turbine testing.

 - Components manufacturing;
- On-site supervisione
- Supplier Selection
- Assembly
- Commissioning
- After – sales service (revisions , spare parts )ing