Industrial Shed Internal Temperature

CFD Engineering performs a technical consultancy service in order to support the customer to determine the internal ventilation flux and the internal temperature in an INDUSTRIAL SHED. The thermal loads to which it is exposed are due to the internal machinery and the solar heat flux. The simulation starts from the CAD model and  the heat flux data from the machinery. The results of the present work can be summarized in:

  • 3D model semplification for meshing activity;
  • Calculation boundary condition definition;
  • Inner and outer heat flux definition;
  • Building devices flux losses;
  • Shed Inner temperature distribution –> temperature critical area;
  • Shed Inner velocity vector distribution –> air stagnation area;
  • Shed Input and output air mass flow throw door, window, ecc. ;
  • Shed Inner pathline for flux visualization.

CFD Engineering offers a wide range of consultancy services, from scratch to the final product, on Heat Transfer including failure analysis. Our team deals with thermal problems combining empirical and correlative approaches to detailed cutting-edge numerical analysis: this is made possible by using commercial tools and dedicated in-house codes.