infrared thermography bulding

Infrared thermography services

CFD Engineering is able to provide diagnostic services and predictive maintenance based on the infrared thermography technology.

The predictive diagnostics can be considered as propaedeutic for the planned maintenance.  Its importance  is based on the fact that it enables to prevent damages, avoiding the stop of production processes and reducing costs due to the plant stopping.

This kind of technology is extensively used in the building sector for analyzing the insulating barrier situation, and for detecting any possible thermal bridge and any energy loss.

CFD Engineering offers predictive diagnostic services through the use of non-destructive techniques. Thermographic inspection is an essential aid to maintain the efficiency and safety that allows you to monitor the correct operation of the plants, highlighting the performance of equipment and materials in order to establish improvement.

The thermographic analysis can be carried out on:

  • Plants (plants, generators and distribution networks, terminals, distribution, …);
  • Buildings (walls, roofs, thermal bridges, windows, chimneys, …);
  • Mechanical static or in motion (electric motors, gearboxes, bearings, …);
  • Switchboards for primary and secondary distribution;
  • Electrical components (cables, terminal blocks, surge protectors, …);
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