Our Key Markets

CFD Engineering avails of a long experience in energy related industries. Our company provides engineering services, turn key projects and plants in the energy market.

We are honored to support our customers on full projects: from feasibility study to project execution to commissioning.


A fossil fuel power plant is a system of devices for the conversion of fossil fuel to mechanical work or electric energy. Considering the global energy demand, the effectiveness of thermal power plants has to increase continuously in order to meet the economic and environmental needs. CFD Engineering provides multidisciplinary services that turn challenges into opportunities, assisting clients initiatives with complete technical support to fully understand the exsisting components/plants (reverse engineering), to the performance enhancement and the failure investigations.


Renewable energy are alternative to conventional fossil fuels and many of them also have the distinction of being clean energy, meaning they do not enter into the atmosphere harmful and/or climate-altering substances, such as CO2. They are therefore the basis for the so-called green economy. CFD Engineering provides a multitude of services: from feasibility study to complete design, from authorization practice to a complete turn-key plant. The costs incurred for the construction of a  renewable sources power plant are quickly amortized by using italian and european incentives practices.

Cogeneration (CHP)

Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) is the process of simultaneously generate mechanical energy (usually converted into electricity) and useful heat for civil or industrial heating use. In recent times, the natural gas and biomass CHP plants are getting more and more distinctive in civil and industrial applications. In this industry, CFD Engineering serves its customers with turn-key solutions for multitude applications: food field, metallurgy, hospital services, enviromental services, hotel services, etc.


Building Services Engineering  refers to the combination of design techniques used by engineers to design buildings with low environmental impact and maximum energy efficiency. The technicians in particular, are responsible for the design, installation, operation and monitoring of various systems and equipment required to operate safe, comfortable and eco-friendly modern buildings. In this context, CFD Engineering provides engineering services on all the major issues that must be addressed in designing “green” buildings and their main facilities, such as air-conditioning (HVAC) and fire protection.

Oil and gas

CFD Engineering provides engineering services specializing in the design of components and Oil & Gas systems. The company is able to analyze and design pipelines which has, at the very moment, high demand (see Italian national tenders). Our technicians are able to support our clients in the analysis and verification of combustion flares, valves, piping and rotating equipment for Oil & Gas installations.

Caminetto bioetanolo

Consumer Goods

Regardless of the type of asset, the producer’s intention is to create cutting-edge products from the technological point of view, at competitive prices, in the shortest possible time. In particular, the retail market is aimed at the consumer goods to high-value, which guarantee an increasing energy efficiency. CFD Engineering is able to guarantee our customers the best support in creating cutting-edge products from the technological point of view, providing advice for assessment in the evaluation of design alternatives, disregarding the less advantageous solutions, as in the optimization of existing and in the resolution of issues that arise in the early stages of development. The company has provided its contribution in the design of groups of suction and ventilation hoods, refrigerators and freezers, dryers, ovens, stoves and fireplaces.