Senior Combustion Chamber Design Engineer (Requires experience working with Siemens and/or GE technologies)

At the present we are looking for people able to work on projects aimed at designing and developing turbomachinery components and systems. In particular we are seeking a Senior Engineer experienced in GT combustion chamber design which will:

Essential Responsibilities

Provide technical expertise and vision in the field of Combustion Technology and Systems;
Develop new combustion design methodologies;
Model combustion systems using commercial engineering analysis tools, or by developing state-of-the-art computational combustion methods;
Provide regular mentoring and coaching to less experience engineers.


  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering or related disciplines with at least 5 years of relevant experience;
  • In-depth knowledge of combustion, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and reaction chemistry;
  • Previous experience in gas turbine combustion and emissions, including: fuel/air premixing systems, autoignition, flame propagation in complex fuel mixtures, combustion kinetics & chemistry, fuel injection, and modeling of combustion systems;
  • Experienced in GT Combustion Chamber Design and Analysis (Annular / Cannular / Silo);
  • Basics in GT LowNox Burner Design;
  • Experienced in thermo-acoustic instabilities in GT Combustion Chamber;
  • Experienced in material for high temperature application;
  • Knowledge in treatment of different kind of fuels;
  • Industrial background in developing engineering simulation/analysis tools;
  • Demonstrated ability to investigate, model and provide critical insight into complex physical phenomena relating to Combustion Science;
  • Demonstrated project leadership experience, including successful track record of completing deliverables on schedule and under budget;
  • Experience in driving new concepts from design to analysis;
  • Knowledge and proficiency in Combustion CFD;
  • Excellent work ethic, capable of working well in broad areas with diverse teams;
  • Experience working in teams and creating innovative technology solutions.