Engineering Outsourcing

We are committed to continuously innovating our service offerings to ensure our clients receive staffing solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Outsourcing Engineering

For clients seeking to leverage engineering outsourcing services as a strategic long-term initiative, we can provide junior or senior professionals as per our clients needs & requirements. Our operational models include teams working off-shore (remote location), near-shore (close to client / project location) or hybrid (combination of offshore and near-shore resources).

Key benefits

  • Get access to qualified experts
  • Focus on core activities
  • Improve Risk Management
  • Increasing the efficiency of business process
  • Staff Flexibility
  • Improve service for our customers
  • Cut costs and save

Together with our clients, we can offer a detailed offshoring strategy, roadmap and process to implement and realize the offshore advantage aimed at continuous process improvement & overall engineering cost reduction for our client.

Following our approach, we can replicate our clients’ engineering standards, practice and quality systems.

Off-shore Services

CFD Engineering provides a range of off-shore multi-disciplinary engineering services & solutions across various market segments to help its customers improve their engineering efficiency.

What has recommended us to our customers is our commitment to quality and the ability to establish engineering teams, jointly with a good understanding of various industry standards.

CFD Engineering off-shore delivery model employs high-level strategic planning, highly skilled engineers and top software and communications tools to handle every project.

Our offshore engineering approach includes:

  • Selecting the appropriate resources
  • Attracting, training, and retaining the industry’s most talented professionals
  • Enabling effective knowledge transfer methods
  • Maintaining strong communication throughout each project

Near-shore Services

CFD Engineering onshore engineering services allow our customers to handle sudden increases in existing development demand or provide guidance for developing new products. Integrating our talented engineers with your staff allows us to help you develop better products in tighter timeframes.

We undertake complete engineering and design projects within our own onshore facilities or deploys engineers to our client’s worksites to assist with product design and manufacturing. Engineers collaborate with the company’s personnel to incorporate a fresh set of skills and knowledge.

The key components of our onshore engagement model include:

  • Project requirements gathering
  • Detailed planning including cost estimates, exceptions and timelines
  • Working with you to select the right engineers for the project
  • Project tracking to ensure operational efficiency

Field Services

Making sure you have the right people with the right skills and resources at a time when you need them most is critical to an efficient and successful operation.

Upon customer request we are able to activate a network of qualified specialists able to support customer’s staff ensuring the smooth operation and improvement of the performance of equipment and systems.

Our approach in the assistance system is based on three fundamental principles: availability, competence and experience.

  • Availability – we are proud to be able to provide adequate resources within the required timescale;
  • Competence – let’s have a very high value to the continuous professional and personal development of our employees associates;
  • Experience – select technicians with a high degree of experience in the field.

Our offer includes installation, commissioning, maintenance, resolution of the problems of operating in order to maximize operability, availability and performance.