Turn-Key Plant

We offer technical solutions tailored on customers’ needs, from design to commissioning and installation.

Turn-key plant

We offer comprehensive and high efficiency power solutions in the field of renewable energy, with focus on design and installation of cogeneration,  biomass and biogas,  hydroelectric power plants.

Our offer includes HVAC turn-key plant and turn-key fire fighting systems for home and industry applications.

We can provide:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Engineering services
  • Completion of administrative formalities and authorization process
  • Power plant engineering design
  • Design, purchase management, construction supervision, project management
  • First-fire and commissioning
  • Plant operation and maintenance
  • Revamping solutions (supply of plant equipment)

Our Engineering Services

Turn-key projects are complicated by nature. Our long-term experience in managing projects, from feasibility study to plant commissioning, coupled with skills of our experts, enables us to bring the most complex projects of turn-key plants towards a successfully delivering.


  • Availability analyses with regard to: site, raw materials or resources, energy, water and wastewater networks.
  • Selection of process technology.
  • Payback period and profitability analyses.


  • Basic engineering
  • Advanced engineering
  • Preliminary site studies
  • Application for the connection to the grid, to the water and wastewater networks
  • Administrative practices
  • Technical assistance for project formalities


  • Compliance with the contract
  • Revision of the engineering project
  • Suppliers assessment
  • Preparation of tender and procurement requirements
  • Call for tenders
  • Tenders evaluation
  • Procurement management
  • Installation management
  • Construction follow-up
  • Test supervision and plant approval
  • Project planning and management
  • Test certificate

EPC / Turn-key plant supply

We can take care of the design, engineering, transport, construction, installation, commissioning, testing and delivery of the turn-key plant, which includes the following sub-systems:


  • Fuel treatment and storage system
  • Internal combustion engine or gas turbine or combined cycle gas and steam turbine
  • Steam system
  • Heat recovery generator
  • Cooling system
  • Water treatment system
  • Sub-station
  • Electrical and control systems


  • Biomass treatment and storage system
  • Boiler
  • Steam system
  • Cooling system
  • Power generation system
  • Water treatment system
  • Electrical and control systems


  • Biomass reception and storage system
  • Homogenization and mixture system
  • Anaerobic digestors
  • Digestate separation system with its conveyance system
  • Liquid effluent treatment system
  • Biogas cleaning and conditioning system
  • Heat recovery generator system
  • Auxiliary systems (emergency flare, fire protection, etc)
  • Electric and control systems


  • Turbines from leading manufacturers
  • Generators, transformers
  • Turbine control
  • Medium-voltage switchgear
  • Excitation devices, voltage and efficiency factor regulators
  • Machine automation
  • Monitoring and control of the entire hydraulic system (dam, reservoir operation, weir system, residual water release)
  • Safety devices
  • Alarm signals and telephone alerts
  • Remote control devices
  • Remote data transfer