Product development

CFD Engineering team accomplishes all phases of the development process from scope definition to mechanical and industrial design

Based on customers’ ideas & vision, CFD Engineering proposes tailored strategies for product development of the core business. CFD Engineering design experience varies from consumer goods to power plant equipment, with  focus on:

  • Consumer Goods (fire places, dryers, refrigerators, heaters, etc.)
  • Gas Turbine components (blades & vanes, combustor, compressor, disks, etc.)
  • Exhaust and Intake-duct systems
  • Industrial boilers and furnaces
  • Waste Incinerators
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)
  • Industrial Burners & Flares
  • Water Turbine (Pelton, Francis and Kaplan)
  • Rotating Machinery
  • Industrial valves (mixing valves, control valves, etc.)
  • Power Generation plant components (auxiliaries, heat exchangers, condenser, air-cooled condenser, etc.)

Upgrading & Modernization

Maintenance Optimisation

CFD Engineering develops reliable upgrade packages and costumer-tailored technical solutions using the most advanced simulation software.

Power generation

We share our experience to provide reliable alternatives against OEMs technical proposals to enhance energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of power plants. With reference to new models and operational regimes of gas turbine, CFD Engineering can develop and upgrade core components to optimize current operation modes and maintenance plans, starting from blades & vanes and rotating components to the combustion system.

Consumer Goods

We exploit our multidisciplinary engineering skills to provide the best solution in terms of performance and industrial design, as well as to solve design and operational problems.

CFD Engineering supports customers providing technical solutions, preventive consultancy and field services to increase  availability & reliability of energy plants.


We develop customer-tailored solutions for plant upgradings and outage planning to reduce operating costs.

Monitoring and diagnostic

Our goal is to provide a solution that constitutes a quick response to customer needs. Our offer includes the design and installation of monitoring solutions and remote diagnostics systems for the assessment and optimization of the operating system and the resolution of problems of exercise