Project Management

We integrate all aspects of management to bring projects of our clients at the highest level of success.

Project Management

Integrating people, processes and technology allow to support engineering activities pulling together all the moving parts – on time, on budget – with the target to optimize efficency and results.

CFD Engineering turns clients’ goals into achievements thanks to its project management services. We work with companies to define objectives and provide effective management of projects to ensure success.

Our Project Management Services

Our Project Managers bring their experience and leadership in the management of complex projects in the energy and manufacturing sectors.

We take care of all aspects of project throughout the life-cycle with:

  • Project planning
  • Management of complex plannings to carry out large contracts
  • Advanced methods (CPM, CCPM) for project tracking, reporting and supervision
  • Proactive assesment of risks and structured methods to minimize execution risks
  • Effective update of objectives and fast resolution of problems
  • Permanent sharing of project progress with Clients

Our skills on Project Management services allow us to assess your goals, consider the needs of your company and offer you the best solutions for resolving critical points of your project.

Since the beginning of each planning, deepen and outline all aspects of projects, including:

  • Project goals and objectives (time-to-market, costs, etc.)
  • Main project features (timelines, involved industrial processes, information flow structure, etc.)
  • Multi-flow process chart of project documents
  • Project tracking: reporting, performance and progress parameters, feedback from clients, etc.
  • Deviation from project timeline and prevention of unexpected;
  • Management of project team, staffing skills of collaboratori, training of collaboratori;

Knowledge Management

CFD Engineering provides end-to-end project management and knowledge management services including: experience sharing throughout application of Knowledge Management process, Project Management Portals, Document and Data Management Systems, Project and Work-flow Security, interiorization of  technical and management practises etc.



Quality is ensured across all our management processes and results. We do our best to deliver long-term excellence and we have continuously benchmarked our processes against world-class standards and models such as ISO 9001.

Regular and rigorous assessments are conducted by reputed external assessors.