Software development

The understanding of your business coupled with our expertise allows us to recognize, suggest, and implement  the best solution to meet your specific requirements.

Software Development for Industrial Design & Numerical Analysis

CFD Engineering is able to develop numerical tools and to implement computational procedures, according to the needs of Customer, which are typically used in the product concept, design and verifications. Our technical staff specializes in the implementation of software able to model physical phenomena. The aim is always to produce a complete tool, which is at the same time reliable and intuitive to be used.

CFD Engineering experts look forward to find, through sharing ideas and visions with you, the best solutions meeting your requirements.

Customized software development service

CFD Engineering combines knowledge of industrial processes together with skills on software developement technology to design innovative solutions for costumers in the fields of power generation, industrial manufacturing and processes. Our engineers bring experience, professionalism and the commitment to provide the best software solution in terms of costs, time-to-market and perfomance.

CFD Engineering has extensive experience on building software applications for different platforms (Windows, Linux, Android) and simulation ambients (CFD, OpeanFOAM, FEA and CAD). We are able to develop the best software solutions for your Company to suit your requirements for design, verification and optimisation of processes, methods and workflows.

Our goal is to identify the customers’ needs to meet their requirements under any point of view.

We think the best solution is built through the open sharing of ideas among people committed to problem solving.

CFD Engineering takes care of the entire development cycle of software products: from idea to design, software development and maintenance, up to training for client employees. We work closely with our Clients throughout the entire software development project to define requirements, develop architectures, deliver and maintain software.

Our strategy focuses on:

  • Support clients in all phases of software developement project
  • Support clients in evaluating of the proper solution for its business
  • Provide highly experienced technical staff
  • Software development at leading-edge of technology with focus on intuitivity, reliability, manutenability
  • Use the best practices and most advanced methodologies for software development

Software for Power Generation & Turbomachinery

Since its establishment, CFD Engineering has provided a broad range of software products and related consulting services for the power generation sector. Our extensive knowledge in the energy field and software development technologies allows to design innovative and reliable technical solutions for non-OEM and end-user companies to improve efficiency and pollutant emissions of power plants and to manage by themselves plant operating parameters. We have solutions for predictive maintenance, life-extension of core components, Root Cause Analysis.

CFD Engineering has more than 10 years of experience in the software development for design and numerical simulation of plant equipment of fossil power plants and renewable energy plants.

We are proud to be acknowledged as specialists in the development of numerical tools for turbomachinery design.

We target customers such as Research Institutes, non-OEMs and end-user companies that are planning to use advanced numerical tools to increase plant performance, optimise maintenance activities and solve failure analysis.

Our main expertises cover:

  • Heat transfer (GT Blade&Vanes and combustor cooling, rotating cavities, GT secondary air system, boilers)
  • Aerodynamics (turbine Blade&Vanes airfoil design, compressors, hydro turbines)
  • Combustion (combustion chambers, combustion instabilities, Low nox burners)
  • Rotordynamics (dynamic behaviour of rotors and bearings)
  • Mechanics (FEA of disks and casings, evaluation of clearances and lifetyme of core parts)
  • Performance (GT and power plant performance tools)